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The SEIU Local 668 Human Services Campaign was designed as a long term project to accomplish a number of objectives. We need to keep the pressure on our elected representatives, of both parties, to make sure that they craft a state budget that fully funds the human services that we deliver to the citizens of Pennsylvania. We need to continue our efforts to have a more direct role in the crafting of the state budget.

The current debate in Harrisburg and in the media revolves around the choice of either raising taxes or cutting government functions and services that those citizens most in need depend on in order to live their lives. This is a serious public policy debate that should not be tainted by partisan politics. Legislators must focus on developing a responsible and equitable state budget that preserves the funding that the counties and school districts of Pennsylvania need to function.

We are asking you to join our Human Services Campaign and continue maintaining contact with your state representatives and state senators. Make sure they know that Local 668 members are important partners in helping them craft a responsible budget, and that we expect them to be responsive to our requests to consider the Union’s position on the budget process as we move forward.

SEIU Local 668, more than any other union or organization in Pennsylvania, has developed and employed a sophisticated set of tools, through our Human Services Campaign, that empower our members to take a direct role in the crafting of state and local budgets that impact millions of Pennsylvanians. We have a duty and an obligation, not only to our fellow union members, but also to the citizens of Pennsylvania, to put our ability to impact public policy, especially as it relates to the funding for human services that we deliver, to good use.

To that end, SEIU Local 668 will continue to lead the way in the debate over the Pennsylvania State Budget.

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